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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:59

Skill No 11: The Bicycle Kick

Unlock the Mystery Behind the Bicycle Kick: Discover Its Origins and Master the Technique with Expert Tips. Elevate Your Football Skills and Create Magical Moments on the Pitch!

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:59

Skill No 10: Scorpion Kick

The scorpion kick is a move that combines athleticism, innovation, and quick thinking, evolving from defensive necessity to offensive spectacle. Deploying it demands timing and awareness, and mastering it requires skill. It's a technique to be used selectively and in the right situations.

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:58

Skill No 9: The Panenka

Dive into the Art of Audacity: Unveiling the Panenka – Football's Bold Brushstroke. Learn from Antonín Panenka, master psychological warfare, and paint moments of brilliance on the pitch!

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:58

Skill No 8: The Trivela

Unlocking the Mystique of the Trivela: Elevate Your Football Game with this Extraordinary Technique. Learn from Legends and Add Artistry to Your Play!

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:57

Skill No 7: The Step-Over

Unlocking the Art of Football's Step-Over: Learn from Legends, Master the Skill! Explore its roots, when to use it, and a step-by-step guide to dazzle on the pitch.

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:57

Skill No 6: The Rivellino

Unveiling the Rivellino Technique: Master the Art of Precision and Deception in Football. Explore the legacy and learn the secrets behind this elegant move, plus a step-by-step guide for aspiring players. Elevate your game and embrace the spirit of football's beauty

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:56

Skill No 20: Keepie Uppies

Learn the essential steps to become a Keepie Uppy maestro, from starting with foot juggling and progressing to using other body parts like thighs, shoulders, and even your head. Find out the importance of timing and rhythm, and understand the dedication and practice needed to improve your juggling abilities.

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:54

Skill No 19: The Antony Spin

Discover the mesmerising Antony Spin, a game-changing football skill popularised by Brazilian sensation Antony. Learn how to master this move, elevate your game, and leave defenders in awe. Dive into the article and uncover the secrets of this innovative technique that’s sweeping the football world.

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:52

Skill No 18: The La Croqueta

This skill will improve any child’s performance on the pitch! One of Iniesta’s most commonly used moves can become your child’s if you follow the step-by-step guide provided in this article! Help coach and teach your kids to become better footballers whilst falling further in love with the beautiful game.

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:49

Skill No 17: The Berbatov Spin

Unlock the mystery of the Berbatov Spin: Learn the artistry behind a football Maestro’s signature move. Elevate your child’s game today! Explore the origins, execution and impact that can be had by using this skill move.

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:47

Skill No 16: The McGeady Spin

Discover the McGeady Spin: A game changing football skill with secrets to outsmarting defenders. Elevate your game now! Explore the origins, execution, and benefits of this iconic move that left the football world in awe. Master it and gain the upper hand on the field!

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:44

Skill No 15: Around The World

The Around the World trick originates from Brazilian freestyle football culture. Juggle the ball in a circular motion, inside or outside, with one fun. Master it through precise foot control and precision timing. Discover more in the Family FC App to fuel your child’s football passion.

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:42

Skill No 14: The Sombrero Flick

Discover the Enchanting World of the Sombrero Flick: A Magical Football Move Born on the Streets of South America. Learn the Artistry Behind It and Elevate Your Game!

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By Coach Jake 16 September 2023 00:37

Skill No 13: The Hocus Pocus

Experience Football's Magical Artistry: Unveil the Enigmatic Hocus Pocus Technique. Learn the secrets of finesse and deception on the pitch!

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By Coach Jake 04 September 2023 09:59

Skill No 5: The Rabona

Learn about the captivating Rabona, a breathtaking football move with a rich history. Help your child master it to enhance their game. Embrace and discover the artistry and finesse behind this technique.

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By Coach Jake 04 September 2023 07:49

Skill 4 - Neymar Rollover

Neymar Jnr. has left an imprint on the world of football that will never be forgotten. His clever footwork and skills are a crucial part of his playing style; one of these skill moves is the Neymar Rollover!

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By Coach Chloe 03 August 2023 08:37

Football vs Soccer

Unlocking Soccer's British Origin: A Love Story for Football Parents! ⚽🇬🇧 Unveil the beautiful game's roots in a heartwarming read."

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By Coach Chloe 02 August 2023 07:31

WWC23 viewing can improve your child's game

"Unlock Your Child's potential with the Women's World Cup! Watching improves skills & understanding. Join the footballing fun and turn your child into a better footballer this summer. Explore our courses for meaningful drills...

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By Coach Jake 28 July 2023 09:03

Skill No 2: The Cruyff Turn

Over the years, numerous players have left their mark on the sport by introducing unique moves and techniques. One such technique that continues to captivate crowds and confound defenders is the legendary Cruyff turn. When should your child use the Cruyff Turn?

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By Coach Jake 28 July 2023 08:37

Skill No 1: The Rainbow Flick

Mastering the rainbow flick requires dedication, practice, and patience.This article explains in a simple step-by-step breakdown how to execute this breath-taking skill...

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By Coach Jake 28 July 2023 08:27

Skill No 3: The Roulette

Unlock the Magic of 'The Roulette': A Guide to the Iconic Football Skill for Parents to teach their Kids in the garden or local park.

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By Coach Chloe 27 July 2023 08:12

How to watch the 2023 Women’s World Cup

How to watch the 2023 Women’s World Cup and make it a night or day to remember!

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By Coach Ellen 27 July 2023 07:05

Women’s Football Popularity Is On The Rise

The popularity of women’s football in the UK continues to grow every year. We now have Sarina Wiegman managing the England team and we are starting to see our team become as popular as women’s soccer in the US. To give them a proper shout out - the USA team has won four World Cups, four Olympic gold medals and is considered the best women’s football team in the world.

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By Coach Sami 27 July 2023 06:29

Cut In Like Ronaldo – Learning The Ronaldo Chop

The Ronaldo Chop was firstly performed by Ronaldo back during his spell at Manchester United in between 2003 and 2009. Ever since then, it’s been performed by wingers in Sunday League all the way up to the champions league and its popularity has led the skill to appear in both Pro Evolution and the FIFA football games, as a result this skill is very popular.

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By Coach Sami 27 July 2023 06:28

Learning Ronaldinho’s Elastico

Although firstly invented by Sergio Echigo in the 1960s this skill was popularised by many Brazilians, but leading the charge was ballon d’Or winner Ronaldinho. Ronaldo was renowned for his samba-like dribbling skills, he made football a more visually pleasing form of entertainment.

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By Coach Chloe 27 July 2023 06:24

The time is now! The Lionesses Euro legacy results in the Government pledge to equal sport access

Following success on the pitch of England’s incredible Lionesses, the UK government announces a commitment that all girls get equal access to sports and a minimum of 2 hours of PE time a week.

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By Team Family F.C. 27 July 2023 06:19

KitAid F.C.

KitAid is a charity that collects and recycles once-loved football kits and sports clothing to donate to less fortunate children across the developing world.

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By Team Family F.C. 17 February 2023 10:15

Family F.C. Supports KitAid

Family F.C. has recently announced their support for KitAid, a charity that is making a difference to the lives of children across the world.

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By Coach Sami 15 February 2023 10:42

Five Home Football Drills for Parents and Children

Here in London, the weather isn’t always great for having a kick about outdoors so here are some drills you can do inside that will help your kids stay sharp (and hopefully have fun on those rainy days). These drills ideas are best done with a mini ball, to help minimise any accidents as well as improve control.

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By Team Family F.C. 02 February 2023 11:44

Family F.C. Supports School PTAs

We are excited to announce our new programme for PTAs: whenever a parent from your school downloads the Family F.C. App, we will donate £5 towards your school’s PTA. Our team of professional football players, coaches and primary school PE teachers have designed a fun new football App to help parents teach their children football skills at home, or at the local park. It’s simple, it’s easy to use, great fun, and tailored around different age groups.

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By Team Family F.C. 07 December 2022 15:53

Dummy It Like Cruyff – Learning The Cruyff Turn

The Cruyff turn made its debut during the 1974 world cup match, Netherlands vs Sweden.

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By Coach Sab 29 November 2022 08:44

Football Drills For Kids Aged 4 To 6

Have you got children aged 4-6? Have they shown a passion or interest in football, sport or even just being physically active?

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By Coach Danny 29 November 2022 08:42

Fun Football Games & Tips For Kids

There are no limits in football, what with all the helpful football drills  and exercises kicking around online. Many football games can be adapted to different age groups and abilities, and even to different sports.

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By Matt Gale 28 November 2022 11:57

The Family F.C. Coaching App

Ex-England footballer and father of two, Matt Jarvis, believes all children can benefit from learning basic ball skills, having started his successful sporting career at a young age.

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